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Welcome at WetlookCouples!
Where you can find real couples making love in the water! You will find great sets of couples (male/female) in fully clothed wetlook. They are wearing formal wear, casual outfits, jeans, etc. This makes WetlookCouples (or wetclothingcouples as it also is known) a unique site! If you like real couples making love while soaked, you will love this site!
We hope you enjoy your stay, we will post updates now and then and if you have requests you can let us know!
If you are a couple living in Holland and also would like to have a great experience and nice pictures, write us!

This weeks update:
Rock-couple Corina & Paddy go at it for their very first time! 
Paddy is wearing great pants with army boots and Corina goes retro with a petticoat. 

Martha in wool pullover and Mo in and out his shirt love the beach and each other

Movie of Laura & Martin in white shirts, playing and and having fun on the beach

Movie of Eileen and Mike in a different location, a puddle filled with frogs, grass and sucking mud on the bottom.