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Here are some of the previous updates. Keep in mind that we have been updating for many years now, so we did have to remove 
some of the older and newer
sets. There is always plenty of material available (always at least 50 updates!) in the members-area, 
but sometimes stuff gets removed, so join if you don't want to miss anything!
If you like the boys in particular, we have opened up a specialized website: www.WETLOOKBOYS.com ! Go check it out!

Recently 20 movies have been removed from the member-area and will later reappear at www.wetlookstore.com 
31 movies are currently


Martha and Mo on a sunny night at the shore. She is wearing a pink dress and he is on sneakers and jeans.
They love each other a lot and it shows. 

Alternative couple Corina and Paddy, he is wearing baggy trousers, she a cute skirt
and a furry hat

(also available as pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com

Movie of alternative couple Corina and Paddy, wearing a rock-outfit and a kind-a-gothic skirt

Chalana and Joost in Adidas trainer and with DVR sneakers take a shower

Corina and Paddy are very cold, but still managed to get their bottoms wet :-)

Evelien and Ron in black trainers, nice Bikkemberg and great tight soaking!

Movie of rock-couple Corina and Paddy. 
He in baggy pants and shiny black shirt, she in a plaid skirt and a furry hat

Rock-couple Corina & Paddy go at it for their very first time! 
Paddy is wearing great pants with army boots and Corina goes retro with a petticoat. 

Martha in wool pullover and Mo in and out his shirt love the beach and each other

Movie of Laura & Martin in white shirts, playing and and having fun on the beach

Movie of Eileen and Mike in a different location, a puddle filled with frogs, grass and sucking mud on the bottom.

Movie of Martha and Mo in jeans and trying wetlook for the very first time. Very romantic couple.

Movie of Gaby and Michel in jeans outfits getting all wet

Laura in black pants and a jacket over a white shirt, Martin in a camouflage capri and white shirt

Movie of Eileen and Mike going totally at it! They cover each other full in this great, sticky mud!

Movie of Danielle and Elvin, he in a stylish vest and green pants, they pose and play

Movie of Eileen and Mike, she in a skirt and he in black shirt on jeans. Nice and relaxed set

Movie of Suzanne and Jurriaan in nice clothes, playing with some light bondage, stripping and a lot of splashing

Another movie of Eileen and Mike, this time they enjoy the water.
Both wearing jeans and Eileen in great boots, they get completely soaked!

Martha and Mo are very much in love and no matter how cold the water, they enjoyed each other!

Superb movie of Eileen and Mike, they jump and play in the perfect clay and have fun going face-first all in!
He is wearing a baggy pants with guns-n-roses T-shirt under a jeans shirt, plus sneakers and socks he loses in the mud.
She came in a red denim pants under a black shirt, wearing brand new ES skater shoes that got stuck as well!
You can also check out the demo-clip at our youtube channel!

(also pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com

Movie of young couple Laura and Martin first time outdoors getting wet. They pose tender and careful

(also pay-per-download at www.wetlookstore.com

Movie of Gaby and Michel in their Barcelona soccer shirts. She carries him first, but they soon get soaking wet.

Movie of Kenny playing with Milou in nice outfit, posing romantic as well.

Movie of Eileen and Mike, first they climb on a heap of sand and roll down, then they experience walking on quicksand

They love each other a lot and she enjoyed the water so much! :-)

Movie of Milou and Kenny in elegant outfits posing and kissing

Movie of Danielle and Elvin in a lake on a hot day

Lovely couple Laura and Martin take a shower together and wash each other gently and romantically

We met this great couple on the street and just asked them if they wanted to try wetlook. They did. 
And they loved it!

Movie of young couple Eileen and Mike for the first time together trying wetlook

Great movie of Gaby and Michel in combat outfit climbing trees and bridges, and laughing a lot!

Sendar and Kimberly wearing their sports outfits, playing and posing on a hot day!

Movie of Jolanda and Robin very playful in the water, cuddling and swaying.
Including a little behind the scenes at the end. 

Movie of elegant young couple Milou and Kenny.
He is wearing a white shirt over a jeans and she a purple jacket on black.

Daphne and Gaz take a wild shower which ends up in something wet and hot!

Movie of Samantha & Wijnald in their jeans outfits

Movie of Danielle and Elvin  in elegant clothes having fun in the water

Movie of Suzanne and Jurriaan starting slowly but playing harder when wet

Emma and Livius are romantic, wild, wet and romantic again.. :-)

Movie of Samantha and Wijnald in Nike soccer outfits.
They pose together but she's not very playful.

Movie of Daphne & Gaz making tough love in the shower. 
They kiss and fondle and throw each other around while getting all wet and playing with their wet clothes!

Eileen and Mike play around in very good mud, getting all dirty and having so much fun together!

Movie of Joyce and Thijmen in very acrobatic poses and lovely soaked outfits!

Gaby & Michel in blue jeans cuddle and get wet together

Milou and Kenny are such a sweet couple....Both wearing sneakers btw


Superb set of Eileen and Mike in regular outfits, they get somewhat muddy while playing and wash it off. Huge set!


Gaby and Michel have soccer shirts with their own names and tight pants.
They love each other and our cold Dutch water :-)

Joyce and Thijmen are very wet and very flexy!

Samantha and Wijnald are a full figured couple in jeans getting wet

Eileen & Mike found a pond full of frogs and nice, warm water!

Milou and Kenny play in the water, happy and in love

Another update of Eileen and Mike, a classy couple. She in skirt and nets, he in black shirt on jeans

New couple Gaby & Michel are very artistic, but still had screaming fun when getting wet!

Eileen & Mike play in quicksand and even find some mud on the bottom of the pond, very good set!

Jolanda and Robin are very romantic and her muffintop gets a great shine when soaked!

There is cool, and there is uber-cool :-) Emma & Livius in a black and red ensemble make wet art together

New couple Milou & Kenny are charming and stylish, in lovely outfits!

Young and happy couple in Nike sportswear

Emma and Livius play wild and wet

Suzanne and Jurriaan begin both in a shirt and jeans but while playing wildly, they lose some parts :-)

New couple Emma and Livius! He is wearing a jeans with 3 belts and sneakers, she is just plain cute!

Danielle & Elvin are very romantic and play very wild in the water!

Nicky & Tim very relaxed in a blue lagoon :-)

Rebecca in plaid skirt with white leggings and white blouse, Maurizio in jeans and black shirt. This is love.

Suzanne and Jurriaan are a wild, loving couple with a taste for drama :-)

Good couple Danielle & Elvin, he is wearing a nice vest and she green cotton pants, lovely couple.

Joyce and Thijmen in good jeans outfit with great shapes and nice soaking, play acrobatics

Suzanne gets almost molested by Jurriaan, but takes revenge by dominating him while he's soaked


The older sets have been taken offline. They will return at www.wetlookstore.com as single downloads
To see what you have missed, look at this overview, but keep in mind those sets are not online in your membership anymore!